Thanks for visiting my page! After spending fourteen years as an early childhood and primary school teacher, the birth of my first son propelled me into the world of photography. I have had my business for over seven years now and it has organically grown from a part-time home based business to a full time photography studio in a commercial space.

My studio is based in Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It is a dedicated space that is perfect for my studio photography with newborns, babies and families, as well as to shoot my business and corporate headshots. Here in Sydney, however, we are blessed with beautiful beaches and gorgeous green parks and although I love my studio photo sessions, I absolutely adore photographing people outdoors in the natural enviromnent. Nothing beats lovely soft and sparkling golden morning or afternoon sunlight where my style is natural, relaxed and fun!

If you ask me what my business is all about I will tell you this: as a mum and a photographer I am devoted to capturing the essence of family life and love. For me, that is what portrait photography is all about. It is about creating beautiful images, but more so, it is about connections, love, togetherness and unbreakable bonds. I aim to put these elements into my images of families. I want to imprint that love into a piece of photographic artwork for you to hang on your wall or a gorgeous fine art photo album that takes pride of place on your coffee table. I want to create something special for you that will be passed down to your children, your grandchildren and eventually your great-grandchildren.

If you have little ones, you will know how quickly they grow and change. Your kids are only this age once and you will never get back the time when they willingly want to hang out with you, sit on your lap, kiss your cheek, let you tickle them and throw them in the air or snuggle into you with all of their might. Cherish this time. Enjoy every minute but whatever you do don't forget to capture a little piece of it for your wall! Memories will fade but photos are always there to remind us of these times and they will bring all of those precious feelings flooding back to you again. I promise!